Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fun!

My girls and I have been keeping very busy this summer! I have not had much time to be in my crafty sewing room, but honestly I have all school year for that.  My youngest just turned 12 and they are growing up so fast I really feel the need to pull them closer and enjoy them while I can. Life is just so short.

So here is one thing we have been doing a lot of, fishing! lol... we are not really very outdoorsy people so I am not sure what has happened with us this year but we are doing a lot more outside, fshing, the beach, the theme parks, etc. Gotta love living by Disney and having passes! lol

We found a local little park called Katie's Landing. It is part of the beautiful Wekiva River System and is used mainly as a kayak launching area. There is fantastic fishing though! You stand there and fish and you see the fish jumping so often, there are beautiful birds, gators, it is just so serene and lovely.

This particular trip was a couple weeks ago. One of the most beautiful things in this part of Florida is the big beautiful oak trees and hanging Spanish Moss... it is just so dreamy and moody looking! I love it! In this River you can catch Catfish, Shad, Large Mouth Bass, Sunfish, Bream, Crappie, etc... lots of goodies.

My middle dd considers herself quite the angler these days I must say... and she is the only one other than my husband that ever catches anything! lol. It pisses us all off and we keep trying but this is all that happens:

This time she got a twelve inch large mouth bass. Unfortunately the smallest limit is 14 inches, so we threw this one back. 

Ignore the happy stranger in the background lol. He was really happy for her and gave us all kinds of fishing tips. It is funny... everyone I have ever met fishing are all so nice! Maybe next time I will catch something, but I am certainly not holding my breath lol. 

My husband teases me and tell me that I do not want to go fishing, I want to go catching. What on earth is the point is not to actually catch stuff! lol!

Have you done any fishing lately? What have you been up to this summer?


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  1. Very nice! I love to fish, but I should tell you exactly what that means... I put a weight and bobber on my line with no hook or bait. Then I prop myself up on the pier (edge of lake, boat) with a good book and sunscreen. Wouldn't do it any other way! :)


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