Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time tp Sign Up - June Cara Box

Cara Box

It is time for the sign ups for June's Cara Box at Wifessionals. Click on the super pretty blue badge above to go and find out more and sign up. You have 1 more day to sign up!

Basically the Cara Box swap is a way to not just swap some random stuff with a random stranger but a way to reach out and make more bloggy friends and get to know people. That is the aspect of this I really love! I like the opportunity to actually get to know someone and I really hope that happens for me, wish me luck!

I also love how she pairs people up with people she knows can be trusted to not send yobunch of crapola. Well, since I am a newbie of course, I will get a newbie partner for the first time so hopefully it will work out, but after that I get in the veteran pool and know I have a chance of meeting some great people and having fun!

Ah...annnnd the months are themed? Seriously? How fun is that? This month is all about fairs and carnivals ... I need to get my thinking cap on! I can not wait to share more later in the month, and wish me luck!

Have you tried Cara Box swaps or perhaps another kind? Let me know how it worked out for you, or hook me up with your favorites!


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