Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday WIP: Dec 11th

Wow, go me... two weeks in a row with some progress made?! Color me impressed! I am hoping to keep it up, but honestly my mom is coming to visit in just 6 days and will be here until Jan 2nd so I am not sure how much sewing time I will have. I have not seen her in almost 2 years though and obviously, quality family time takes precedence. Hopefully, everyone else is finding some time for them selves and the hobbies they love most as well! Here is what I have been up to:

Last week I shared this block where I left out a row of " pixels "  by mistake lol

Now, here is the fixed, and properly square version of this block lol :) I am lovin' it! Also, not perfect points... they used a gridded paper to sew on but I just sewed my squares together.

I also did two new blocks this week, also from my Skill Builder. First is this one, which I like, but is not a favorite of mine.

And then I finished this paper pieced one, and I love paper piecing and this pattern! I am also pretty damn proud of how well the points match up...that is something I have definitely improved on during this Skill Builder series. Not at all perfect, nor do I always match up even lol but I am getting there!

And that is it for this week. I still have 5 more skill builder blocks to go before I am done with the 24 total blocks. Then it is time to quilt sandwich and learn the QAYG method. I am pretty sure I won't be working on FMQ this time around I am just too far behind. So maybe that can be a goal for the coming year, to learn it! lol For now, modern, organic straight lines will do it for me!

I am going to be hopping around today to see how everyone is doing and what goodies everyone is working on! I love getting inspiration from so many amazing bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by and happy hump day!



  1. Your blocks are lovely Tanyia! Great progress :)

  2. Lovely blocks. I like your pixelated one - very tetris!

  3. Oh these blocks are marvelous. I love love love the pixel block.

  4. I really love the pixelated block. Great job and great colors.

  5. It's always nice to make some progress on the hewing front isn't it. You have some great looking blocks here.

  6. I like your firey warm colors. It's the season for sitting by the fire!


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