Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My first plushies!

First of all let me start this off by saying I can NOT hand sew... anything but a button on really. I do not understand it, I just suck at it. I can cross stitch... does that count? lol Some how I do not think so.

Anywho... I have a pin board full of cute fabric craft ideas and I am always afraid to try them. I seem to have trouble with patterns and written instructions so if I can see it, it is easier for me to learn. That is one way the internet has helped me out so much, because of all the amazing tutorials out there.

Anyway, my girls love plushies... we call them stuffies. So, I decided to try out a tutorial that I pinned a while back. One of my goals this year is to try and incorporate some more small projects so I can learn new things, like the stuffies.

This is the tutorial that I found, with a link to the original post.

 **this is not my picture, it belongs to the original source which it is linked to**

Adrienne, of Happy Hour Projects, came up with this adorable little owl. She provides the template for you and has very clear and easy to understand directions that made even me feel like I could do it... and you know what??? I totes did! 

Not only did I do it, but I did it 7 times! lol I figured if I was going make em, I was gonna make em, you know what I'm sayin!

Anyway, so now all three girls will get one, so will my hubby cause he saw em and loved em and said he wants one, too! lol Plus one for my mother, mother in law, and one for me! <3 

I used Heirloom by Joel Dewberry to make em and just made 2 of each and one green only as its my mom's favorite color. Here is a look, they are so cute! I totally made that! I am shocked...

Oh... and the hand sewing thing... I knew I would need to finish em by hand after I turned them right side out. But I figured worse comes to worse it's on the bottom so I could pretend like its not there lol. They are so cute I may ... or may, have bought a giant bag of Polyfil and pinned a bunch of new cute things. Who knows! 

Have you made any cute little stuffies? Any cute pins or tutorials I need to know about? Inspire me! 


  1. These owls turned out great! Congratulations on conquering handsewing ;D

  2. Tanyia these are adorable -- thanks so much for sharing your work and the original tutorial... They could even be done in boy colors for my grandsons -- love 'em. Thanks so much !


  3. Your owls are adorable! I've been making a ton of owl pillows, so the pic about making a ton of stuffies made me LOL!


  4. I love the colors you used - those may even be cuter than the original. ;)

  5. Very cute. I love the fabrics you've used which reminds me, I have a quilt to finish made from a jelly roll of Heirloom.


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