Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Jan 8th

2014?! Holy wowsers! I am so happy, like I said yesterday, to be back sewing, blogging, and getting inspired. This is a wonderful time of year to get inspiration as well. New hops are forming, new Bees, new QALs and BOMs! It is so exciting! I ordered my fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop for my 2014 Skill Builder and as soon as I receive it I am going to show it off! I totally love the colors and it is different for me. I am trying to work with more colors lately instead of my standard and safe blue/green combo lol.

Now, new colors indeed, that is all I have to show off this week is my 2013 Skill Builder process. I finally finished all 20 blocks, and have begun quilting them. I have never done anything other than a rag quilt in the quilt as you go method and I am really hoping that it works for me as I would love to occasionally do bigger quilts at home and until this point I just did not feel like I could manage it.

So, I have 10 of the 20 blocks quilted now! It has taken me three days and I am half way there, this is getting so exciting.

My only hesitation so far has been the difference between the black thread and the colored fabrics... but I did not want all the thread visible in colors on the back of the quilt either... so I went with it. Now I am sure there is a way around this but up until now I have really only done things that super matched and always made sure my thread would blend in with the back etc... this is even the first time with echo quilting, I honestly did straight or organic wavy lines only before if you have tips or advice feel free to give me some info, I am totally open!

On the other hand I am starting to dig the sketch look of the black lines... kind of like the sketch applique look that I learned from the Stitched in Color blog class I took. Also... the more I do the better I am getting at it which is making me feel so much more confident and like I just might be able to try FMQ one day. Not any day soon....but maybe one day! lol Here is to hoping I get these suckers done soon and can learn how to put them together with the qayg method.

If I did not get to your blog already, leave me a link, I would love to see what you are up to this week. And again...any advice or tips for me?



  1. totally love your echoing hun, cant wait to see them all finished

  2. I like the black thread. I think it adds texture and ups the "modern" factor. Can't wait to see more of this project!

  3. The sketchy black lines are WONDERFUL. Great quilt!

  4. I like matchy thread too... always seems a little less nervewracking to me! I know some people use a different colour on the top from the bottom, but I seem to have trouble with the bottom thread showing when I do. The echo quilting looks lovely, as are the colours!

  5. I like the black thread! And the color combo on your blocks is so fierce. (It's pretty much my favorite combination!) This will be so awesome finished! Good luck getting the rest of your blocks done! :)

  6. Your blocks are looking incredible! I totally understand about wanting thread to be matchy. First off, it gives me a reason to buy more thread, and it shows my mistakes much less. ;)

  7. Go sketch! Quilting looks great!


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