Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday - May 21st

Well, I have been busy busy busy this week with my sewing! I had every single WIP done except for 1... which I did not feel like working on at the moment, you know how that goes! Plus, I had only 1 WIP, which basically gives me license to start new projects! Yay me!

This is my progress so far on my feathers QAL. Obviously I am only QALing with myself here lol but I love the pattern. I can only take so much paper piecing at once then, then my domestic deficit disorder kicks in and needs some new entertainment lol.

Then I decided to get out my selvedge edges and finally start a project with them! I am so excited about this one. It feel awesome to make something out of virtually nothing. This will be an long term ongoing project that I can add to as I get more selvedges. Right now I have 35 5in string blocks.

Then since I still didn't want to work on the PP, I pulled out some new Kona in Berry, which I berry much love! I want to do a cathedral windows quilt for living room couch, I think. This will not be done all in one shot either since this is tedious and time consuming. So I did two blocks and then another day did 2 more, just need to add the windows in now. I do love how it is coming out. It is far from perfect but every time I do another window I am learning more.

Then I started a stacked coins quilt, because ... why not? But this is one I did everything I could on til I have solids for the sashing. I can not buy fabric right yet so this was something I could work on and set aside til I can finish it as well!

Then I decided to try and make a wallet, which I was convinced I could not do. Turns out I can actually do it! Turns out... I also hate it lol. I am giving it to my mom for Christmas! lol

Then I pulled out my next FQ bundle and designed a way to use it that I like. I have not done any cutting yet but came up with this:

Few little boo boos in the coloring of it, but I get the idea lol. Feel free to use it if you like it. Obviously I haven't tested it yet so I may be off in the math on the side, that is always my weak point. lol

Whew! That was a lot. I am pretty sure this is the most progress I have ever had in one week lol. Hopefully later this week I can get the sashing and finish the top of the stacked coins quilt.

If anyone has any selvedges they do not want, I would be glad to take em :) to do the hop myself and see what every one has been up to! Last week was pretty quiet comment wise, I think that was because of all the SMS giveaway stuff, but I did finish my plus quilt and share that in case you missed it.



  1. Your coin quilt is going to look fabulous! And I love the wallet! Which pattern did you use?

  2. Really digging your fabric choices for the feather QAL that you are doing by yourself :)

    I berry much love berry too and those cathedral windows are looking fantastic!!

    Your design is awesome! I didn't check the math. . . you really wouldn't want to rely on my math skills either LOL

  3. that is a LOT of sewing you've done this week! Love the Cathedral Windows, can't wait to see what you put in them.

  4. That wallet is so great! I have been meaning to make one soon too - I see someone else asked too, what pattern did you use?

  5. That Kona Berry is stunning in those cathedral windows! Wow, those will have to go on my bucket list!!

  6. totally love your feathers quilt, and all the other projects you started, totally jealous about your purse hun

  7. wow! so many fabulous WIPs...

  8. Busy times! I love those feathers. The colors are so rich!

  9. Oh I love the colours you have chosen for your feather quilt... gorgeous.


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