Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to School Shopping: a success or nah?

Summer started and I was so glad to have my girls home with me every day. I missed them so much. I was so very tired of being a taxi and driving everyone here and there and sitting in the car for hours at a time waiting for one of the kids to get done with one activity at a time or another. All I wanted was some quiet time at home where we could relax and enjoy each others company. Then reality hit me and they wouldn't shut up... three weeks in. They would not stop bickering and I had trouble even finding time to myself in the bathroom!

So, I was totally excited to get them pumped up to go shopping. I mean, hello! What teenage girl does not love to shop?! The quicker we get this done, the quicker we will be ready for school... time alone, quilting time, quiet see where I am going with this, right?

 I grabbed the younger two and off we headed to the mall... in the middle of Orlando... picture the parking lot, please? I sighed, look at their angelic faces, calmed myself and drove around til I found a spot. On the upside it was only about a half a mile from the door, in 102 degree heat.

Cut to two hours later... absolutely not one bag in our hands,  grumpy faces, thumbs texting, one ear bud half in an ear, oh right and we have the grumbling and tired feet complaints. At this point I am in stubborn donkey mode and I am absolutely not leaving until someone finds something and buys it! Finally, after trying on about 337.5 outifts the youngest successfully leaves Nordstrom with her pile of treasures.

Yep... two stinkin pairs of jeans *eye roll*,  I hope you are all having more success with back to school shopping than I am.  I am counting the days now, they go back on the 11th. Please pray I have the strength to make sure they make it alive!


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