Tuesday, August 19, 2014

QDAD - Aug 19th

Well, I only have one to share this week and that is all my middle daughter's fault. I know, but really, hear me out!

She wanted to try loom knitting. So, well yea I had to try it too. I mean I had to be a good mom and go through this experience with her, right? So self sacrificing! lol In any case I spent about 3 whole days loom knitting a frickin scarf for my eldest daughter.

I think I am hooked. Heehee, hooked! Get it? See what I did there? *eye roll* Ok, moving on.

Anyway the inspiration I used this week was a flamingo. I love the colors in this photo.  Flamingos are so pretty! I am a bird fan and a bigger fan of big birds, they are just so amazing! I love that occasionally I get to see a flock of these in wild here, out by Cape Canaveral. They are so awesome.

I went with the whole abstract thing again as I really liked how funky the last quilt top turned out. So, I designed an abstract flamingo block. Again, I am not the fondest of the block alone but once you get a bunch together and do some rotating, I am a huge fan! I love how this top turned out!

I am thinking I might need to turn this one in to an actual block. If I do, I will certainly share the measurements and tut for putting it together. Now, I am off to do something other than loom knit for a change lol.

- Tanyia


  1. I really like this one, and I agree you need to make it into a real block. :)

  2. I am off to google how loom knitting works!


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