Saturday, August 16, 2014

Turn! Turn! Turn!

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven
- Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds

It is amazing how quickly life changes. Things have been changing a lot here lately and I am feeling rather melancholy. Not sad, mind you... just adjusting to my life as it changes lately. 

My eldest daughter is 21 and in college and now she is moving out, into her own apartment. I am so very proud of her but I cannot imagine my daily life without her in it. It is going to be such a huge change.  I had her when I was 17 years old, so there has not been a minute of my adult life that has not had her in it. I never knew the meaning, the true meaning, of the word bittersweet until I had children. 

She is such an amazing kid. Well, now she is an amazing woman! She has always been so smart, determined, and independent. It has been hard on her being home this long honestly, and I see her struggling... wanting to get out there on her own and BE her own person and yet circumstances have prevented her from doing that. Finally, things are lining up for her and she has her chance. 

I am so very honored to be her mother, so proud of the things she has done in this life, and even though I will miss her like crazy, I am so very happy for her. 

My middle daughter has dropped out of high school, with our permission. She has been bullied so much in high school that the thought of her going back to school this year has given her debilitating panic attacks almost constantly. She has never planned on going to college as she hates school, so with her agreement to now study for and take the GED I am hoping we can get her emotionally healed enough from her school experiences to move on with her life as she is ready as well. Over the next school year I hope to get her ready and to work on her physical and mental health to get her closer to her dream of being a chef and make that a reality for her.

My youngest is now in 8th grade and is in her last year of being little lol. My husband just started a new job this week and will be working from home A LOT and traveling and that is a huge adjustment as well. 

I know things are where they should be as I am a strong believer in, "Everything happens for a reason." I guess some parts of life just take a little adjusting to, that is all. It is funny how once you have a child you are always a mom but sometimes you need to adjust to being a mom in a different way.

Just random ramblings today, I guess.


  1. It is an exciting time to see our children start their own life journey. Good luck with your middle daughter and get her the counseling she needs to boost her self esteem. High school social dynamics can be very challenging. But this is only one part of her journey, let her know that life has so much to offer beyond high school. For your youngest, keep the wind beneath her wings so she too can soar.

    Yes life changes for us moms, I am now an "advisor" to my adult children as they raise their own children. My parenting days are over.


  2. School can be a tough gig for any kid. I did well at school and didn't like it! If it helps, I would like to reassure your middle daughter that life after school is WAY better.

  3. School is such a difficult time with hormones and mean people. I know several people who chose to get a GED, and it has not stopped them from getting a job. I hope she dose find her path in this world.

    Congratulations to your oldest on getting her own place. Living with parents at that age can is odd and frustrating, and she will have the room to spread her wings.


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