Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Mug Rug Swap Reveal

I took part in the Spring Mug Rug Swap over at Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog. I had never made a mug rug before so I was a little nervous. To top it off I fell in love with a little applique pattern and so I chose to do that... which I have also never done before lol. Hopefully, my partner still liked it as I made it with lots of love.

My partner was Dee of Dee's Doings. I was her partner as well. I assumed it was another three way blind swap, but nope. The only downside was that I got no information on her at all and had no idea of her blog or any other social media. So I am really unsure if what I was was her style or not. The only way I figured out it was my partner is her comment on their site about receiving her package. So...I am going to let her know about this post so at least she knows I love what I got from her.

I know I showed this before, so bare with me. This is what I sent to Dee, an appliqued mug rugs, a mug, some tea, and a big ole cookie! I even wrapped the cookie in bubble wrap and I am really hoping it did not break! lol

In return I got the cutest butterfly mug rug and some sweet matching fabric. The only problem is that it is too cute to use as a mug rug ...I can totally envision spilling coffee or tea on it :( So, it is hanging in my sewing room on my wall of minis :) I totally love it.

So, thank you Dee so much for making me smile. I love what you made for me and thank you FWFS for hosting this swap. It was fun!



  1. I think yours is a common problem. My swap partner last year sent me a mug rug far too cute to put mucky cups on too. I will have to start a display wall or frame it, as she did with mine.

  2. Hopefully you could wash it if you spill on it! I'm glad that you like it. I will be posting the blog about mine today.

  3. They are both lovely! I saw the one you made on Instagram and it was love at first sight!
    The butterfly mug rug is so pretty too.


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