Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here we blog again!

Well... I guess I ought to give this a go again.

First, I just want to say i am THE most HTML illiterate person I know. And that is saying a lot, trust me! I bought a really pretty blog pack from Duchess Designs to fix this up purdy...and here we! lol I could not even figure it out with step by step written directions, so SCREW IT!

No more tring to be what I am not, my name is Tanyia and I'm computer illiterate! Nice to meet ya! *shakes yer hand*

Anyway, I decided to follow the cool girls and jump on the 365 bandwagon. I am going to take a weekly approach it, and I am not sure how far I will get, but I do in fact like the idea! lol I will make sure and post my weekly pics here starting next week...for this weeks pics.

I thought I would share a few LOs I did as well. I am enjoying being able to post a LO here and there again, instead of worrying about finding time to design. This is much less stress and it is so enjoyable. Plus the reason I got into this all in the first place was so that I could archive pics.

Anyway this one is Sammy Bear. She is 10 1/2 yrs old now. She loves to back and cook, and she is actually really very good at it. She has my Nana's cooking genes I think! This was taken on Christmas Eve when we made some Shortbread cookies...the kind that have the little choc drops in em! *This was made with the collab kit Kiss My ___ by Angie, Chrissy, and Leah at Elemental Scraps. You can take a peek at the beautiful kit here!

This one is Kayla, taking photos of herself lol. I guess she woke up one day and liked pics of herself again! lol I think its cool, even though...heaven forbid, there is a little pink in it! *This LO was made using the kit Lil Sweetheart by Jennifer Barrette at Elemental Scraps as well! You can check out her beautiful kit here!

This is one of Marc and I on Christmas morning. God bless him for still loving me when I wake up looking like this lol. *This LO was also done with the above colab by Angie, Chrissy, and Leah, from Elemental Scraps.

Now, it is off to go play my lvl 78 hunter on World of Warcraft! She is so close to an 80! :) Come check out all the new challenges at ES! I am on the forum team there, so you will find me lurking on and off and scoping out the gallery for inspiration! There is a lot to be found there!

So... until next time, "Scrap on!"

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