Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project 365 Week 1 LO

Well, here it is! :)

My first LO for this project. I like the way it turned out. I definitely want a simplistic feel to it, and I liked it best with the original flat non-textured white background. I wanted to look for a kit that could potentially be big enough to mix and match for the entire book.

So I chose the Weeds N Wildflowers collection "Full of Wonder" it is big, beautiful, and on SALE! :) Plus it has some cute doodley elements, and I can mix and match a lot of things to re-use it over and over.

Here is my LO:

Journaling says:

The first week of January was a bit busy. We had moving companies come to give us quotes on moving. We found Becca in her play closet hiding and reading. She said she was trying to get away from Sam! Sammy was being attacked by the killer guinea pig! hehe Kay...taking pics of herself again! It was a good week. Next week I look forward to Kay's birthday and hopefully finding a new house to rent! Woohoo! to take pics and get ready for next week's LO! :)


  1. Great layout! First week of January is always busy I think...;-)

  2. Such a fun layout! I should have joined the 365-club, too - but I think I am too lazy ... *lol* Great blog you have here with nice photos!

  3. Hi mommy! it's me becca! I love your layout but why is sam being attacked by our guinea pig? LOL i love you.... bye!


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