Saturday, January 24, 2009

Project 365 Week 3 LO

Journaling reads:

Wow! What a week we have had! I am pretty sure we finally found the house we want. Now we just need to snatch it up! hehe Boxes, boxes everywhere this week! We gave Guinea a bath this week. He actually loved it! Who would have thought! Kayla painted her nails yellow and orange. Yellow and orange? Umm... yea! She snapped a pic of me, early in the morning, thanks Kay! For some odd reason we had a fascination with this box of Toll House cookies that Marc bought at Target. We ate the WHOLE thing, and then went and bought another one! Holy smokes! Kayla and Summer got their pic taken at Olive Garden, at their dinner before they went to do their tech work for the play they are putting on at school. And Sam... oh boy she was playing with Grandma’s hair. I said I was gonna delete the pic, lol Shhh dont tell!
Lo made with Weed and Wildflowers Full of Wonder kit!


  1. Love the blog, looks much nicer than the black. Maybe if you send me a box of them tollhouse cookies I won't tell mom you didn't delete that picture...LOL

  2. hi mommy your right dublin did like that bath! i love love love ur blog its soo pretty!
    i like the LO aLOt hehe hugs!

  3. excuse me sis but are we falling a little behind on the project?....LOL just thought I would drop in and give you a hard time :)


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