Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Journaling reads:

All I have to say about this week isthat I can hardly believe that my firstborn is 16 years old. Happy BirthdayKayla! We are so proud of the young,independent woman you are! For herbirthday daddy got her apoint and shoot... 10.2 mp! I am jealous now! This weekBob (sandhill crane) cameto visit us, with his girlfriend,Shiela! lol We fed them, theyare such beautiful birds! Dad and Kayla were busted,wrestling instead of doingweekend chores! hehe. Iam not sure who is worsefrankly! Marc brought mesome gorgeous flowers, oneday after grocery shopping.He really is such a thought-ful man. Of course I alsocaught Becca and Samwrestling! What is it withour crazy family! Good timesI tell ya!

Made using Weeds&Wildflowers Full of Wonder kit, and the January word sticker is from Corina Nielsens portion of the 9 to 5 collab. The template is from Amy Pearson, for the 365 project at SBG.

Other good news, I will be on the creative team for Sunflowers, at PBP, and PDP in March! Yay, I am looking forward to that. I will also be on a new creative team, so keep your eye out for the news for that one. Also, if you have not heard... ES has a new designer coming!!! Oooh, can not wait to see who it is, stay tuned, cause I can't tell!!! neener neener! hehe.


  1. great LO lady. Happy Bday to Kayla. Miss you! Hope all is well.

  2. Hey, here I am, follower Love your LO's, I can't get over how much Kayla looks like you.

  3. Hi! Mommy i love love love all of your LO's!! they rock and im so happy that you choose to put me' becca' & kayla in them! love yaaaaa.... ~Sammy~ ~('.')~ ''Hugs!''

  4. XP omg I SO am and y'all better watch out for my new Camera is ALL I'm sayin'! <3's

  5. Well atleast I found you some where. Happy BDay to Kayla. Gosh I remenber she was a baby. Miss ya all. Love, tina b.


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