Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost the weekend...but not quite!

I so look forward to the weekends when I can sleep in a little bit. No getting up at 7 am, I am SO not a morning person! lol. I am not really a night owl either... hmm..not sure what that leaves me with! lol

I have to say the rate of recipes on my blog is going to be seriously reduced as me and my overweight family have been really watching what we eat, and trying to be healthier. I have successfully lost 12 pounds so far (takes a bow) so yea...less sweets around here. I am trying to teach the girls it does not mean we can never eat anything a little naughty...but we need to learn moderation and be healthy!

Anyone have any good cooking sites or links for healthy recipes or ideas? Feel free to leave em for me, I could always use the help!

I wanted to share a hybrid project I recently made. I really love being crafty and sometimes I miss the tangible aspect of our hobby so I like to try a lil something here and there! I made this little pseudo flower arrangement by printing out some elements from Meredith Cardall's Little Miss Allie kit (found at Elemental Scraps) and then cutting them out, adhering them to a small wooden dowl with zots (sticky glue dots) and then filling the little container (which I got a JoAnns for 2 bucks) with rice. The girls love it, and it is in our living room right now on the TV, but I think it would be so cute on a little shelf of its own next to a candle or sconce or something like that!

Right now I am looking for a super cute Easter kit so I can make my mom and my mom-in-law little badge albums for Easter, I think they would like that and since they are both diabetic they certainly do not need the candy! lol

Anyway... til next time!


  1. OH I could use some healthier recipes too. But when you have a husband that loves his sweets. Oh well.

  2. oh that project turned out really nice!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. I didn't know you lost that much. YAY you!!

    luvs ya girl!

  4. Congrats on losing the weight. I found out my dog is overweight by 30 pounds so I told him that if he had to go on a diet, I would too. So now my goal is to lose 30 lbs too. Now if I could just keep from gaining the 30 he loses!! LOL. I always get my receipes from


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