Friday, March 20, 2009

So easy!

I had to share this super quick and easy treat idea! It was sooo darn yummy, and so fast.

Granted it is not home-made other than putting it in the oven lol, but once in awhile for doesn't want just a quick treat?

Basically all you do is buy any premade cookie dough in a roll shape. Then you buy any small candy bar you like. For instance the ones I made were sugar cookie dough with a rolo in the middle.

I got this idea off the Pioneer Woman website. Check out her blog in the culinary blog roll on the right side of the blog. She had chocolate cookies with mint three muskateers, choc chip cookies with a hershey kiss, or something like that.... but you get the idea. What ever floats your boat.

The only difference in mine is that I used mini miffin pan liners cause I didnt want to clean anything either lol. SO lazy!

All you do is slice the cookie roll in about 1 inch slices, then cut each slice into 4, drop one into each mini muffin liner, bake til cookie is just starting to turn golden, then immediately put in the pre-opened candies and let them melt into the cookie.

I let the kids open the rolos for me, I bribed em with three rolos a piece lol. Kids are easy! Then after they were melted I just swished the rolo top with my fingertip cause I didnt like the "rolo" look of it. But they rocked. They were all gone that night.

If you want a great tutorial with step by step pics check out Pioneer Woman's Blog! You can find this recipe HERE from her.
Then I also wanted to add in a little sneak peek! Nikki Scott has two ADORABLE kits coming out Mon the 23rd at Elemental Scraps and you have to check em out. Im gonna play with one this weekend, can't wait! Here are the sneaks:
Also Pixie Perfect Designs has a cute new Easter kit out, which you can find at Digital Candy, or Enchanted Studio Scraps!

And last but not least Meredith Cardall has a super duper sweet kit coming out on Monday as well!

With all that said, have a super weekend... eat, scrap and be merry!


  1. Thanks for sharing that yummy treats. Great kits, looks to me that doggy kit coming is so cute and fun

  2. those look delicious!!

    Lovin' the designs too :)

  3. OK -- I am following you! and for good reason. I am letting my nose do the following!

    Girl I need some of those yummy now!

  4. lol yes you DO need them! They are really yummy, and so super easy!

  5. omg,those cookies look YUMMOOOO:)
    and the sneaks, ADORABLE! great post!

  6. ok,I have to bear witness to the yumminess of those cookies. Xd or maybe it's just cuz u r such an awesome baker...


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