Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hybrid Kid Canister!

My youngest loves to have "things" to put "things" in. So I decided to take a drink mix container and turn it into a "stuff" thing for her! :P It was super quick and easy and even a hybrid beginner like me can do it! Wooohoo!

First of all excuse the crappy pics, but hopefully you get the idea... the Wyler's pic was snagged from their website since I forgot to take that one lol. I'll get there... there is a small learning curve in hybrid blog posting I found lol.

I took one of these containers...except a taller one, so it could hold coloring pencils.

I then removed the label :)

I measured and then scrapped a pretty lil page for her... she is a HUGE fan of pink. I used the kit Nicole, by Melissa Bennett from SSD :) SOOOooooo flippin cute!

Then... (again learning curve) it was slightly too small so I had to bring on the ribbon for the top. bottom, and back seam lol . BUT... she loved it so who cares hehe. The adhesive I used is that ridiculously tacky red double sided tape you find at a craft store.

I punched a hole in the middle of the lid took random, matching ribbons and took about a foot in length of each. I then laid them out together and tied a knot in the middle and pushed that through the hole. That way it would not come out easily, and there was twice the amount of ribbons :)

She loves it and that's what counts! :) She was thrilled that I made it just for her, and now Samantha has ordered some sort of "thing" box :P So hopefully that one will be coming soon!

Also, a couple LOs I did recently that I am super proud of :)

I made three of these, one for each kid, but the eldest and the youngest were exactly the same and then this one of sammy was in the middle and slightly different. I printed them out and hung them on my entrance way hall, they look so beautiful printed! The kit I used is called Someday Soon and is by Meredith Cardall.

I LOVE how this LO turned out. I made this using the kit Cherry Sweet by Kristin Cronan-Barrow from SSD (told you I was becoming addicted to Sweet Shoppe).


  1. VERY cool hybrid. I am going to send your blog link to my friends. We love hybrid! BTW - gorgeous blog.

  2. wOW, Fantastic project and great idea. love it!


  3. Great hybrid project.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. That "stuff" can is just adorable! Great job!!!

  5. My husband uses Tang containers to store his garage stuff in. He removes the label and that's about it.
    Yours are nicely decorated!


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