Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday

Yep...another Monday. You just know how I love (NOT!) Mondays! :P

So...since I opened my Etsy store... I have done a little bit of shopping there and a LOT of looking. I totally fell in love with all the adorable hair things you can find there. Thankfully, I have a little one that is a total girly girl otherwise I look silly in these things lol.

However; being the cheapo I am I decided to learn to make some instead of buying them. I have to say I can usually find anything on the internet, I'm a master googler that is for sure. Not this time... it seems that the directions for hair bows is under lock down in order for boutique sellers to make a sh*t ton of money! Anyway, stubborness prevailed when I simply looked hard and long enough lol.

I came up with these. I have some more plans in the making, and I would love to get better at them as well, they are by no means perfect. Some glue sticking out here and there but oh well lol. But the girls are so darn in love with them, and I love making htem happy so it all worked out! All three of them even will wear them, the 7 yr old girly girl, the 11 yr old PITA who hates anything girly, and the teenager. So I think we have a winner! :)
Here are a few of the ones I made:

A close up of my faves :) I even wear one of these.

I had no idea making korker bows was so darn easy! And they look SO cute in long hair!

I am working on alphabet books for the girls. I had started them about a year ago, but my scrapping style has come a long way since then so I have started over. I did these two "D" pages using templates one is from Angie Kovacs... the Dramatic one, and the other is from Bella Gypsy, both from ES... you know how I love my ES designers! I love being an ES cheerleader... oh right, focus, Tanyia! Anyway yea, alphabet books! I used the Wild Child kit from Meredith Cardall for both of these LOs.


  1. I love your "D" layouts! Cute. Those hair bows/clips are wonderful! My oldest wasn't into putting her hair up either until 1st grade now she loves it and I don't have nearly the same amount of time to do anything with her hair! Our youngest has curly hair - I'm wondering what we're going to do with that.

  2. Great layouts and super cool bows. You may want to invest in a bowdabra, they aren't that expensive and you can make some really cool stuff with it. I have one, haven't played with it much but I know I will sooner or later.

  3. These are so cute, I would love to learn how to make them! I've tried finding instructions too, but man, no such luck. I've got a Bowdabra, but no idea how to use it! LOL

  4. Super cute bows!! I LOVE your layouts. Might have to check out that kit.

  5. wwwooowww you made fantastic bows!! I love them so much....And your lo's are also very beautiful!!

  6. Love the layouts and the bows! How creative! I LOVE the PUG!!! What a cutie!


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