Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yay...I made it to Friday! :P

I am SO glad to see Friday. This week is over, 'cause this week, well ... kinda sucked lol.

It started with the typical Florida rainy season, which brings along with it pressure changes giving me headaches and sinus issues. This time that ended up being ear fluid, dizzyness, yaddah yaddah. It just sucked but thankfully I am feeling better and can even stand! Woohoo! lol

Sorry for the whining.

I had to share some good news with you and some adorable LO's and our newest family addition!
It seems my posts are always epic novel length! My dh has always told me I talk to darn much!

Anyway... good news...


I am now on the CT for Digi Scrap Cafe. I have done three LO's so far and I am really enjoying, not only working with the products, but the people at the forum. They are all so welcoming and easy to talk to. Of course there are some challenges going on, etc. You should stop by and check it out!

And our newest family addition...finally is Midnight! He is a Pug and was born on 11-23-08 and is almost 6 months old now. He is SO stinkin' cute, funny, and adorable. And he LURVES to cuddle. And being the only boy in the house other than my poor dh, lol, he is SO spoiled by all the females!

Here are a few LOs from me :

This first one was made using Teen Angst by Jennifer Barrette and a template from Connie Prince, both available at Elemental Scraps. I am working on an Alphabet book for each you can see its more conversational than a one word for each letter type thing. But I LOVE this page... the photos are so amazing and funny. My eldest dd took them when she and her sister went shopping... these were taken at Party City. She just busted out the camera in the middle of the aisle! That's my girl! lol

This next one was Becca on Easter Day, in our backyard. She loves those pink jeans! Well, she loves anything pink really, but they are pink AND have bling so its kinda a double hitter with her lol. I did this LO for the current template challenge at Inspiration Lane. I used Mandy Mystique's Signs of Spring kit... I hear she is back at designing again! Yay!

The next two were both doing at Digi Scrap Cafe, using the Dreamer kit by Cintia Cafe. I was really in love with the kit. I was pleasantly surprised when I unzipped it as the kit was much better than the original preview (not that it was bad) but ... oh well if you know what I mean, then you know what I mean lol. I am crap at linking pics so if you wanna check it, do so HERE. They are a newer shop so stop by and show some luv!

The first was done for the current template challenge.

This one was for a scraplift challenge at ES.


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