Friday, August 21, 2009


I am feeling so inspired and creative atm! I am not sure why! lol I feel the need to make a kit again! I have not made anything but templates in awhile, and I have so many CU things just sitting, lonely in my EHD and I can hear them calling my name!

Some people love to make kits with all their own products, some people use CU stuff... I like to use CU stuff. My sis would kick my butt as she loves to do everything her self...but I think she is just more creative than me, frankly!

I prefer to take things, turn them into a matching cohesive kit. I like to arrange the colors and items...I think of myself as a decorater of other people's CU products! hehe. I love working with color schemes about instant gratification!

I made a lo the day before yesterday I have to share! It was using one of Connie Prince's templates and one of Libby Weifenbach's kits (Apple on a Stick) I totally love using her kit because the colors are always so rich and intense ... I love that! And of course Connie is a creative genius imo, her template are always awesomely layered and she produces so many cute new things!
This is Samantha and Midnight. He is such a stinking cutie and she is such an animal lover and loves him with every ounce of her being.


  1. Love the layout, with the *pops* of color against the dark background!

  2. What a beautiful that photo and quote!

  3. What can I say I'm a stubborn diy kinda and your safe cuz I'm just getting too old to kick anyones butt.
    Love the layout.

    oh btw, maybe if I used more cu stuff people would download my stuff as much as they do


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