Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School in Central Florida!

Well, today is the day! It is the first day of school here in Central Florida. My eldest dd went to her first day of 11th grade!

Now not only is she a junior and I am flipping out about that a bit, but I ...nor her father, ever made it that far in high school! Mind you we changed that later on, but for me I dropped out of high school in March of my sophmore year. I eventually got my GED and then graduated two colleges but I learned the hard way that education IS so important in life.

Funny that I should end up loving learning just about anything AND teaching my kids at home. having the opportunity to homeschool is so rewarding not only for the kids but for me and I am SO grateful I have the opportunity to do it, and that I have my family's support! It is amazing. I certainly know homeschooling is not for everyone though and I definitely am no zealot and think everyone else should do it too! I am not that way about anything really...I'm more of a "To each his own" kinda gal and think that what ever works for you is great!

The girls and I had a good day doing our work...except for when it came to math of course lol. willing, we have our first field trip to go to over in Tampa. We shall see!

I am still feeling creative and can not wait to share the good news! :) Mmmhmm...yep ... Im...creating! *smiles* you'll see! ttfn though!


  1. My DD's 1st day at school too! They grow so fast...but ok, nothing we can do about that. Thanks for stopping by at my blog :) nice to hear people are coming back.

  2. It's wonderful that you went back and finished your schooling and that you are passing on a love of learning to your kids.

  3. My oldest baby went off to high school today and my youngest baby goes to kindergarten tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you are creating.


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