Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday...its about time!

Well, it's about time I blog again! Sheesh! I have been one lazy mommy this summer! The girls and I have spend pretty much the last month in and out of the pool, shopping, and watching movies and re-runs of tv shows we taped! Basically we just had a fun and relaxing summer! BUT...that is all about to end, back to the daily grind soon!
My eldest dd goes back to school a week from today and she will be starting her junior year of high school and dual enrolling in the local community college as, yes, she is already stressing about that and how she needs to be perfect!
The other two and I are getting ready to commence with the homeschooling! Yay! My youngest is doing a bowling league and is starting ballet on Wed. My middle child is interested in karate so we will be finding a place for that soon as well! Not to mention 4H, co-ops, festivals, field trips...oh my!

I finally scrapped a page last night, for the first time in over a felt good and I think it turned out pretty cute, too! I was not too sure about the huge pattern being such a focus of the LO but yep...i luv it! I used Traci Reed's Kissable kit from SSD for it. What a cute kit it is, and the colors matched the photos so perfectly!

I also did a really cute lil hybrid album for my mom's friend. She has been a friend of the family since I was a young teenager and she loves my girls and enjoys photos so much, so I thought that would be a nice lil sumpin' for her 85th bday! I used Meredith Cardall's Wild Child Jack Album Premade Pages for it. I love working on Meredith's team, she is so creative and I really like her color schemes! Now I can not wait to get some new pics and scrap, scrap, scrap!


  1. great pictures! and I love those colors

  2. Well what do you know! You are still Was beginning to wonder if you had just fell off the face of the earth. Tell Kayla I said good luck and stop stressing.

  3. your pages are really gorgeous! I love them


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