Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here I blog again!

Ok, in an effort to blog more often...since I have stopped handwritten journaling altogether...here I am blogging again!

Alas, I need to find stuff to blog about if I am going to do this more often lol. So, if you know of anyone that does good prompts or something like that, please leave me a comment and let me know!

In the meantime I will talk about how I feel like a ridiculous school girl being picked last for volleyball at some sites!

I see GSO, praise games, etc and I try to join in them. For one thing I noticed a lot of amazing talent at DST but I always see the same people being pointed out...so I am now on a mission to join the GSO often and really look and include not only more than one style but more than the same few people. I know these people rock but there are tons of talented people in their own rights as well. And can I just tell you...it makes you feel amazing to be noticed and to receive a message like, wow this rocks!

Also...for those that take the time to leave feedback...ty so much. I really sucks to put so much time and effort into leaving others comments on their LOs and then get bubka in return. SO...from this point forward I am not posting ANYTHING at DST unless I have the time to do the praise game because I want comments to darnnit! lol

And I am definitely not one of the popular girls at sweet shoppe but I really love their designers stuff and a lot of their challenges and I find so much inspiration in their gallery. I am just not in their clique...so I will continue to post comments from the praise thread and get 3 comments to my 20 that I leave...maybe eventually people will start, at all scrapping sites, to recognize all their scrappers not just their most popular...I mean we make them money too!

Here is my latest LO...which I think it pretty damn amazing, and I guess that's all that matters! I used the kit In It Together from Julie Billingsley at Sweet Shoppe


  1. Tanyia- I checked out your gallery and you do have some amazing layouts. I am slowly starting to get more comments. My rule is for every layout I post, I comment on the 20 newest layouts in the gallery. I also check out the gallery for everyone who comments on my layouts to make sure I leave them some love. I am off to comment on some of my favs of yours.

  2. thanks :) Im off to check out yours, too!

  3. Excellent post.......you will see over time that you will get more and more comments and will get to *know* the people who really take an interest in looking at and commenting on your layouts. What I could do without are the far too many "nice page" comments that mean nothing to me. I'd rather get fewer, but at least genuine, comments. Fortunately, there are some really great gals out there who comment appropriately.

  4. Ya know what? Your post didn't phase me a bit! I agree with you- I just got GSO for the first time two weeks ago. I didn't even know til later, cos I don't do layouts for that purpose. But it did feel really good, like an athelete getting an award. So I will look for you, Tanyia when I am there!
    Sincerely inviting you to check out our new store that is growing- and a fun friendly place to be- if it wasn't I wouldn't promote it: My Life & Scrap! thanks for honesty in blogging!

  5. I know what you mean Stacey. But if we keep caring and trying hopefully one step at a time ...

  6. It's a political game honey. Get your name out there by visiting and being seen. I'm not seen and prefer it that way but that's just me! Want to know what to blog about? Your life. I love your blog! It doesn't have to be every day. I'm seeing that people feel an obligation but a "journal" is about memories and preserving those - as is scrapping. So many people are out for the praise. Keep it real dear!

  7. Hey sis glad you are back at the blogging. Nice to see you around (since I don't hear from you any other way hint, hint)
    I gave up on all the scrapbooking forums all together, I don't care for them at all. Too much of a hassle if you ask me.
    If you want to find a ton of really interesting blogs, quite a few that do the prompt thing, check out entrecard. I have met sooo many wonderful new bloggers through there.

  8. what on earth is entrecard? Great my older sister is more technologically advanced than me lol. I'll go google it!

  9. I feel you! Right there with you. Don't know how to break in, feel the same way about CT "tryouts," the GS Survivor competition and the last DSA competition, I was on a team but someone decided at the last minute they actually could do it and so they asked if it was ok she take her spot back, I wanted to say no but she's a designer at a store I ct for so what could I say? I'm still a little mad...

  10. Was it really necessary to say "OLDER"?...lol


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