Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning is much better!

Well, I am more than halfway better, I would say! Yaaaaay! I love colds that leave as quickly as they came, you kwim? I drank three venti Earl Grey's from starbucks yesterday lol ... I think they have healing properties, which is only more proof that I should go there more often and add to the corporate agenda that is taking over the world ... but it tastes good so what the heck! ha!

My dh is so sweet...he made the best dinner last night because I was not feeling well. He was in the kitchen for two hours! Well...I think it could have been made in about 30 minutes but what he really needed was a distraction from how badly he wanted a cigaretter as it has now been more than 48 hours w/o a smoke... and are you ready for this... he has NOT been grouchy once! I am so proud of him!

I told him, he did not think that PMS was a good enough reason to be b#tchy (since I knew it was happening and could stop it? wha?) and so I told him quitting smoking was not an excuse to be a d#ck! :P In the past when he tried it was SO bad with him that I actually told him he needed to go smoke! :( I know...bad bad, but trust, you were not there! Anyway, this time ... much better.

Today I am going to work on a Halloween sign for the table that I will be posting on The Hybrid Chick Blog toward the end of next month. It looks super cute in photoshop, but today I will print it out and try to assemble it while simultaneously (how on earth do ya spelll that at 8:30 a.m. on a Sun?) taking pictures of it. That requires a lot of co-ordination, so we shall see! hehe

I also need to finish getting together my Mother-in-law's birthday gifts I am making her, but I can not share til after her birthday because she comes and sneaks in here sometimes! She is devious, that one! :P

Oh, I found a new cute blog today...check out.
She is doing a give-a-way right now for Kelleigh Ratzlaff's hybrid templates at The Digi Chick, but you need to check it out by 5 pm tonight. It is the second post down...and it is for 20$! go, go hurry...and good luck!

One last thing ... I use "..." way too much don't I? lol What about you do you have a typed expression you use way too much of? Mine is also "lol" but I am sure you know that! lol

Oh, I almost forgot, if you want to win the cutie patootie kit I posted on my blog about a week ago, you can post in THIS thread at DST for a chance to win it :)


  1. Hello! You have a very nice Blog here! I wish you furthermore good improvement:-)

  2. Congrats to Marc on quitting, maybe he just wanted it more this time than he did the last so that's why he's not as crabby. Maybe some day I'll quit

  3. lol maybe some day Ill start again hehe. I would not say he quit..yet. But he did wake up this morning and resist one with his coffee...that IS hard!

  4. Oh my gosh!! Good luck to your hubby on the quitting smoking, that's such a difficult thing to do, but you'll BOTH feel so much better. Sounds like he's a total sweetie, making dinner for you : )

    Oh and the thing I type way too much- : ) But hey, it's the only way I know to let the person reading know that I'm smiling when I type something *sigh*

  5. Glad you found me! It's always nice to *meet* a fellow homeschool mom:)


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