Wednesday, September 23, 2009 went

How did karate go last night you ask? went. For some of us it was great and for others it sucked! But, such is life.

After the warm-up ... which involved a lot of jumping jacks (why Jack...and why did he jump so darn much?) Samantha had an asthma the front of everyone. Now, I know this is not a big deal (I mean embarassment wise) or it shouldn't be, anyway. Stuff happens. However; she was mortified. She was pissed because she couldn't finish and tried to keep going but was made to stop. Then she had to sit and watch as her sisters got to the fun stuff (the actual karate part) and then proceed to earn their white belts because they succeeded in their first class learning the stuff.

So she came home last night upset, defeated feeling, and just plain down. The poor girl. I feel so bad for her. She is the middle child and it seems like she can never catch a break. So I have to now make it my purpose to build her up about it, show her she has strength and keep pushing forward until she can do it. Her automatic repsonse is to give up and I just can not let that side of her flourish!

Oh, and it was NOT relaxing, but fun anyway, yesterday! We ended up shopping from 10 am til 3 pm. Bought a kitty costume for Becca for Halloween, and some cute decorations for around the house. I also got the stuff for the girls to make a pillow with ribbon and fleece, it was a super cute idea I saw. I'll show you when they are done! But it was a good day!

Today we are off to the Orchestra in downtown Orlando, then later today there is guitar and dance. Plus dh is going out of town for a couple of days :( Boo. I always miss him so much when he is gone, but Becca has decided she is sleeping with me and a sleepover will keep me happy! She is such a little angelpie! Have a super day everyone!!!


  1. Awww - poor thing! That had to be hard on her. But she'll make it up in no time. Middle children have an uncanny knack for not only surviving but thriving.

  2. you've been pretty busy, Tanyia! and i mean pretty and busy ^_^

  3. Creative Junky said it well ! Not just surviving but thriving.....she'll be fine with a mom like you !

    Thank you for sharing your story !

  4. Give all the girls a Kajun Hug for me...Please tell Samantha that I took Hapkido and I have asthma. It took a little while but, eventually my asthma improved greatly because of the exercise. Please tell her to stick with it...she will be ok! I am waiting to hear good reports! :)

    The concerts sound like so much fun...have a Blessed weekend!

  5. Being the middle child just sucks :) Anyway give Sam a hug from Aunt Annie and tell her I said hang in there.

    Orchestra huh? ewww better you than

  6. lol, sis. the orchestra was pretty good it was just the waiting outside at noon for 40 minutes before hand that really sucked! :(

    KajunKJ, I told Sam what you said...and her karate instructor told her the same thing so I think hearing it again from an objective source gave her some hope.

    Jacquie thanks for the kind words. They always help.

    Mye you are a silly little thing! hehe

    Thanks Creative Junkie :) I do hope that ends up being the case. She is so darn sensitive the poor thing!


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