Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween's Morning After!

Ummm... I feel like I have been run over by a truck ^..^ and that truck had Shamu in it. No...really it had Shamu in it. I came home with Shamu water all over my pants to prove it! hehe.

Last night we were going to go to Downtown Disney (if you are not from Orlando it is a shopping district by Disney, themed around Disney with loads of cute stuff) which was having a Happy Haunting Event. It was going to include trick or treating, live music, entertainment, story telling, and more!

But my unpredictable, adorable husband decided we could go to the Spooktacular event that Sea World has instead. And if you live here it is so worth it to get the year pass instead because it was less than twenty bucks more than the admission price. we can not afford it...but we did and it was so awesome!

The girls had THE best time, even if we only had an hour and a half til the park closed! hehe. However, now we have all year to go back! I mean a full year, not just the rest of the year, thankfully lol. The only thing we really managed to do last night was sweat ... A LOT... then we entered the park! lol

We checked out the sting rays which is a fave of mine because I love petting them! Sam was super afraid to try petting them but she was really brave and ended up loving it! She did pet them and I was SO so proud of her! Then we just went to the Shamu Rocks show and got SOAKED and let me just tell you my fully decked out face painted 8 yr old kitty was NOT happy with that! :O But...*sigh* what a great night.

Check out my lil monsters!


  1. Now there are some cats with attitude. I love the expression, but why does our little witch not look too happy?
    So does Marc like your new cologne?...rofl

  2. lol Marc has his own cologne ... there was not enough to seating to sit together so I sat in the 5th row, Kay in the third and Marc in FIRST ROW! bwahahaha...he was a tad wet.

    Sam's face is so funny...I told her she looked pissy hehe. She is like, "Whatever, I'm a witch...duh!"

  3. Looks like a good time for all!

  4. It's sounds like you and the family had a GREAT time. I agree if you have a family and will go to the parks around here more than once the year pass is the way to go. You can have lots and lots of fun year round.

    Love the pic.

  5. Sure is nice to play dress up once in a while ya :)


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