Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hybrid Re-purposing Craft Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone! I am going to have 2 kitties and a witch today! :) We have to carve our pumpkins procrastination here hehe. And find something fun to do with our time later. As for right now I am waiting for dh to come home, he was out of town on business for a couple of days again, and I miss him! Anyway, on to my craft! what a new, fancy way to say "One person's trash is another person's treasure." It is true though. There are so many adorable and cute containers these days that things come in. For instance our Herbalife containers (dh has lost about 32 lbs now...I gained 2!), some ice creams come in tins now, and some cookies come in circle tins as well. I was actually thinking of making some stuff with these, to organize some things and I ended up buying a cookie tin just cause it was cute (I held it up in the store and was curiously pondering when my child spouted "You are so gonna scrap it, aren't you?") Seriously... it is still re-purposing!

So I just wanted to share a couple I made. I do have plans for two more. I have one for tea I want to make and eldest dd wants a pencil holder. Anyway here is what I came up with so far, and SO easy...just digital scrapped the size I needed, printed and went to town with the Mod Podge. Mod Podge is SO a girl's best friend! Serisouly, that stuff will stick any two substances together lol ... including the table...don't ask! And, btw, I say, "seriously" too often don't I? Seriously...sorry!

This is the before and after of the coffee container. It is for instant packets, which my mom drinks, and since she lives with us, they are always ALL OVER my flippin' cupboard driving me insane! lol Now they look pretty and I do not have to see them or their 12 different flavored boxes that fall apart and spill!

This is the before and after of my Splenda...for said coffee and my tea. But those flimsy boxes are always breaking and I am always finding half a box and Splenda some how on two other more I say! Viola!

Easy peasy, right? If you have any cute ideas, let me know!


  1. What adorable crafty ideas! I really need to get into hybrid more!

  2. Seriously? Those are super cute Tanyia. My jar of Mod Podge that sat in a shelf for years if finally half gone since I started doing my containers. I've seen recipes for making your own though I think I'll give it a try (el cheapo)

  3. lol seriously :P hehehe
    Love it and I am with you, I should take a picture of mine, it was a nappy san container, its now my hopes and dreams jar that I plop gold coins into everytime I wish for something...
    I think its good and so has everyone that has seen it :)
    Did you get the elements to the papers you popped over for the other day?
    I will be making a couple more things soon, so will send you link to download via ESS inbox lol...
    Have a lovely one

  4. awesome, thanks Mozz! :) I would LOVE to see what you have done!

    thanks, Ann lol

  5. Well you're a handy girl aren't you? Good job.

  6. Ha!! good job!! Re-purposing- that is really an altered hybrid!! Some think that altered is the same as embellished, but it isn't. You have a correct altered work here!


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