Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ribbon Christmas Wreath and Tree

I found a really cute tutorial HERE on making a Christmas wreath with ribbon and I HAD to try it. I love wreaths but I am just NOT talented enough to make them look good with the whole natural wreath look and arranging things...just doesn't work! So...I figured for someone barely surviving, even I could do this one! It turned out really cute. Sure I could have added a big bow or some jingle bells (dh thinks it needs these! lol), but for this year, this will do! :)

This is just a close-up of the ribbons for you to see the detail. (I used a green wreath)

I took the same principle and applied it to a cone shaped styrofoam as well. I love it! :) So easy! Plus I did it when the craft store had the ribbon spools for a buck!

Now...go forth and create like Becca did! She wanted to do some crafts as well, while I did she grabbed a styrofoam ball, some ribbon I had korked and made her very own doll! It is the cutest thing and look how proud she is!!!

My creative lil angel! <3


  1. Wonderful, well done!!

  2. That is SO CUTE Tanyia!!!!!!!!! Great idea- thanks for sharing it!

  3. Tanyia those are awesome. I think I like the tree even better than the wreath. Although the wreath is absolutely adorable. I'm really liking the colors you picked for the tree

  4. I love it and I think your wreath is perfect the way it is. It doesn't need a thing more.

  5. I looove these! So creative! :-) Thanks for linking up to Creative Mamas Monday!

  6. Great stuff! I really do love crafting but could not find time because of my baby. Your tree looks great. I would love to make my own too. Thanks for sharing!


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