Monday, December 14, 2009

Here I blog again!

I am baaaaaaack! lol Did you even notice I was missing? hehe.

I took a much needed couple weeks off of not only blogging, but the PC in general except for some stupid, mindless facebook games here and there. Sometimes I forget how much time I spend on the PC and how much more time I should be spending with my girls instead! So, that is what I did. :) I am pretty sure the time has come...again to quit designing and go back to just CTing and doing scrapbooking LOs which is what I want to do for my girls memories anyway! I would love to share with you a few pictures of some of the things we have been up to though!

We had a nice Thanksgiving, just the 7 of us. My mom, his mom, the kids and us. He was in town the whole week as well which was awesome! :) Then we went to set up our tree, which we have had for I guess 3 years now and he broke it ... or wait broke lol. Either way we have a new tree this year which I do like but it is a little skinny for my taste. It seems that "slim" trees are abundant this year!

We also had to buy all new ornaments this year because a leak in the garage ruined all of our other stuff :( Bahumbug!

This past weekend I took the girls to a little Winter Wonderland carnival in Orlando. They had a really good time and thank goodness for ride wristbands because they rode the bumper cars about 10 times lol. We brought home a goldfish as well that Becca won.

Of course that means that we had to go to Petco to get "Sheila" a bowl and some food. Little did I know they were having a pet adoption day! Well, dh has been wanting a second dog and I really wanted to get him one for Christmas... so...I did! :)

So our latest addition is Ginger. Check her out...she is already bigger than Midnight and she is only 3 months old hehe. She is a shephard/lab mix.


  1. I know how much I spend on the computer. :( Too much! (lol) I need to unplug in 2010.

  2. You need to take some time off once in awhile.I am glad everything worked out well for you.And I did miss you.

  3. Maybe, J. we need to commit to trying to unplug a little more often in 2010?

    Thanks, Grampy :) It is good to be back!

  4. Tanyia, I am really going to have no choice. I need to spend time on other things instead of acting like an internet bum. ;) I can't say that I'll unplug for a complete day, but I will limit daily allowance in 2010. I need to do that for me.

  5. I have no children to take care of so at the end of the day I spend it in front of my computer. I'm old, cranky and if no one likes it tough....rofl.

    Cute dog, I bet Marc loved it. So hows the housebreaking going?

  6. Hi Tanyia,
    I'm glad your back. I was a little worried because of your suddden disappearance, but I get it. You only have this one time around with you girls, so enjoy it while it lasts. I, on the other hand am like kids to take care of and I'm old and I do what I want and when I want!


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