Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Thursday the 24th was my littlest's birthday. She is now 9 years old! Holy toledo...9 already!

Her older sister says to her ...

Sam: "Now that you are 9, you can know the truth ... I am the favorite."
Becca: "Now that I am 9, YOU can know the truth ... no you're not!"

Kids crack me up! lol We had a great day. We went for a picnic, then we had a little BBQ and had some cake, then Becca played with her toys and we just had a great evening!

She had her Spongebob cake ... we love to watch it together :)

We sang to her, and she was thrilled... she loves being the star in the "Becca Show!" lol

She even got to cut the cake herself...even though we all had a piece the size of a quarter and hers was like half the cake! lol

Then she stole all the decorations, licked all the frosting off of them, and was on a sugar high for the next hour! lol

It was a great day, and I ended it by thanking God for being so blessed and having such an amazing family. It is important to always be thankful.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


  1. Happy Birthday Becca, glad you had a good day.

  2. Happy Birthday Becca. It looks you were queen for a day. It is so nice to have a Birthday.Maybe you can run it right through the weekend.
    Tanyia I just love the pictures.Are you getting ready to compete with Ann?LOL

  3. lol hardly. Her pictures are really great!

  4. Nine is such a great age! I love the Spongebob cake--very festive.


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