Monday, June 14, 2010


Sheesh, it seems like every 7 days or so these Monday things come around. I guess I should be grateful actually, for if I stop seeing Mondays it is a serious problem! lol

Our trip to VA was thankfully uneventful! We were exhausted though and did end up staying the night in SC. We had no issues with bad weather (just a little rain, once), traffic jams, accidents, it was lovely. The girls even got along and never complained and the mom was not annoying! God has surely blessed me on this trip! :)

Now we are our new house...with no furniture....yay! lol

Now let's get down to business hehe, I want to share a few LOs and a beautiful new kit from ScrapShana! Images are linked...please check it out, it is on sale now as well, and SO flippin cute and easy to work with! Also, she has some new templates out and I combined the two to make a LO I totally love, check everything out:

Well I am off to explore a little of Northern Virginia :) So, bye for now!


  1. So glad you had a good trip up there. Sounds like the stars were all aligned just right for you! LOL Hope you get your furniture soon! :)

  2. Glad to hear the trip was uneventful. I'm still waiting to hear all about the move and contact info.

  3. gah, Ann...I left you a message asking you to email me, I have two old email addys for you :(


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