Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful new kit coming out

Hi hi! :) I just wanted to share a little something with y'all!

I got the opportunity to do a one kit call for Lilibule. This kit is so darn adorable, and I really love the colors so I asked to be a part of the call and got accepted! Yay! It was actually the first one kit call I tried but I can totally see the appeal! :) I am hooked!

This kit will be coming out the 17th at Scrap ta Boutic, Scrap Bird, and Sunflower Scrap. Check it out if you have the opportunity! And check out the LO I did, below :)


  1. Got your comment on my post and I can't find the message you left me anywhere. I can't email you because I don't have your address. I left you mine here a few posts back. One more time

  2. oh I almost forgot, I also have a contact me thing in my blogger profile too, which I found out you don't have :)

  3. Turning from the blogs I have come here. I'll leave a greeting


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