Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summery Bread Salad

Well, it has been ages since I have shared a recipe on here, and trust me it is not because I was just too lazy :(

First of all my EHD died and I have lost not only all my scrapping things, and all my LOs I made for my children, but all my pictures as well, which includes food I was going to blog. It sucks and I am so upset, but my wonderful husband said he will send it to a recovery whateveramajig to try and get my data back. I will not hold my breath.

In the meantime I found a great recipe on a blog I follow called The Noble Pig. The recipe is called Panzanella, aka...bread salad. I know, I know....BREAD salad? But I knew at first sight with all the carby goodness in there that my husband would do crazy things for it. He is a total bread fanatic. It pretty much lived up to its ideal as well, I only changed a little about the recipe, so here it is, try it and enjoy! It is definitely great for summer picnics, cookouts, bringing to someone's house to share, potlucks, etc.

I just made this 6-14, and I have no cookware really yet...so if I can make it so can you! :) hehe

Bread Salad


6 cups of cubed hardy bread (I used ciabatta)
4 large tomatoes, chunked
1 red onion, sliced then cut into bite size pieces
1/3 c olive oil
5 tbsp red wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
2 yellow peppers, seeded and sliced into strips
1 English cucumber (seedless), quartered then chunked
1/4c fresh chopped parsley


Cube the bread and then dry in oven set at 400 for about 10 minutes.

Combine all other ingredients

Let stand for about an hour, stirring a couple of times to coat evenly and
distribute the flavors.

Add bread cubes, stirring once or twice, let stand just a few minutes before serving.

:) Eat and enjoy! :)

My kids actually loved this, they just picked out the onions and peppers.


  1. I don't know if I would like all that dried bread but the vegie part of it looks pretty yummy to me.
    I can't believe you didn't back up all your files. I got lucky when my hard drive died I had EVERYTHING on an external drive so I didn't lose a thing

  2. well...yea, but this IS my external. But I did not have anything on my PC...only the external. Guess that was the dumb part huh.


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