Friday, July 23, 2010

Craft Fail and I am featured at Friendly Friday!

Morning ladies! I am so excited to have my first ever feature anywhere for any reason :) Yay! So if you are here from Friendly Friday... hi! Welcome! I apologize for your possible first post here to be a fail but, a las, I am not always perfect hehe.

Ok, so here is a bit of an interesting project. I had this amazingly wonderful idea in my head. Well...that is where that idea stayed... in my head, because what I came up with is so not amazingly wonderful.

I am sure you have seen the really cute twine wrapped letters, balls, just about everything. I wanted to do this, but I could not for the life of me find twine, and I decided I would wrap letters in yarn, I like the little fuzzies and thought it would be, you guessed it, amazingly wonderful! Well it sucked and here is why:

I started out with these items: wooden letters, paint, crackle, glaze, yarn and a paint brush.

I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and ... well, you get the idea. I ended up with this:

In case you are wondering what this is, this is a frustrated, potty mouth mess. What happened is all the 
wrapping, trying to get the curve of the letters, it ended up just looking like a big yarn tumor. It was hideous.
Seriously, I am not being dramatic, it was awful. So...away with the yarn. 

I figured, I have paint and crackle...I can just paint them! A ha! ... or not. 

After about 900 coats of paint they were finally covered to my liking. The crackle did indeed crackle...microscopically. So if you looked at them REALLY close you could see the crackle. But from the couch, looking at the mantle, you saw plain brown letters. exciting.

So I decided to add a few of the left over flowers from my paper flower wall hanging I showed you on Monday. Except well...I dunno I am so unhappy with this project. It just kinda sucks, and is lame! 

This is where you come in, do you have ANY idea how on earth I can save this blah project!? 

H E L P . . .


  1. I'm no good at craft things but I am your newest follower! Congrats on the feature. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love you blog header! Congratulations on your feature. I'm following you now from Friendly Friday!

  3. I'm a new follower from FF. I don't know what to tell you about the letters. I think they look kind of like leather and I like them. Maybe you should live w/ them for awhile and see how you feel. You could move them to another place in the house where they'd be seen up close??
    Hope you can come see me some time too.


  4. I recently did the crackle. I read you had to paint one color and dry, put the crackle on and when it was almost dry then you put on a color of a contrast and it would show up. I learned the hard way myself that 1) don't let the crackle dry over night, doesn't work! 2) don't paint the crackle on something that is standing on edge (not flat) b/c you get really bad runny lines :(. Mine were base coat green then yellow. Mine did crackle when I did it right. I will admit though, I like your letters! I don't think it is a fail!

  5. I am so not a DIYER! Even though I wish I was.
    Stopping by from BMBF! I hope you figure it out!

  6. Congrats on your feature. I love seeing people decorate with letters, though I'm not crafty at all so I can't help. Good luck though and it still looks good, but I bet you'll find something to help make it stand out.

    Following from Friendly Friday.

  7. Wow my sis is a celebrity :) I can see you not only here but on another blog too.
    I think your letters look fine and agree that they have a leathery look to them.
    If you want something different why not try doing another layer of crackle then a lighter shade of brown. Maybe finish off by sanding the edges to grunge them up a bit. IDK, just a suggestion.
    And by the way, this was NOT a fail.

  8. I'm a new follower from FF.

    I am not a crafter at all, so no advice here. I hope the project turns out well.

  9. Hi! Congrats on your feature at Friendly Friday! I like the letters! Maybe you can lay some artificial ivy behind it to liven it up. I signed up to be a new follower.

  10. thank ladies :)

    I like the ivy idea, I love ivy. I should also maybe try another layer of crackle. I did a beige ontop of brown so I did do two shades... I will try again though, oh and sanding the edges is good and I just picked up sand paper today! hehe

  11. Congrats on being featured! Love the new blog layout :) Ok, I think the project turned out pretty darn cute, but I have something sort of like that and I coated my letters with scrapbook paper and mod podge! Those two items fix EVERYTHING! Ha! I used three diff. fall scrapbook papers and alternated letters, I use it as my centerpiece on my fireplace for fall!

  12. Hi Tanyia. I like it. I am not an artist but I think it looks good. There is no such thing as a fail. Some are just better than others.
    Have a good weekend.

  13. Hello!
    Just visiting from social parade!!
    Thanks for checking out my blog.
    I like yours and I think your letters came out beautiful!
    I hope you got a chance to enter my giveaway -if not, come back and check it out.

  14. Congrats on being featured!! Love the letters!

    I'm following you from Friendly Friday! Hopefully you can stop by and do the same! Thanks!

  15. Love your blog. Following you back on the Friday Social.

  16. Love, love, love the brown and pink. Twine is hard to find, but I scored some last year at Target for $1 for a 9 ft. pack. I bought THREE packs and have had NO plans for it other than using some at my son's cowboy themed b-day party LAST year. NOW I know what I'll do with my leftover twine. Thanks!!!! =) Great looking blog and I'm your newest follower! Check my blog out @

  17. It's kind of cute, but honestly when I first looked I was like, Redskins? oops! Sorry! ;) I think you need more splashes of brighter colors. Can you add some spots/polka dots or stripes to these letters? That might bring a lot out of it! Good luck!

  18. Hello,
    I am a new follower from Friendly Fridays! I am not the greatest crafter, so nice to know im not the only one who fails sometimes, lol have a great weekend, here is my blog link

  19. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Boost My Blog Friday!

    DustinNikki Mommy of Three

  20. I'm following & I think it looks great!

  21. Hi, following you back! love your blog!

  22. Following from Friendly Friday! I think it looks cute myself.

  23. I'm following via Friendly Friday.
    Please follow back!
    Quick Tattletails

  24. if you had used a different yarn (say linen) the hold would've been better on the wooden letters. maybe a glue gun would've also have come in handy too. with the yarn you used, i'm surprised that it didn't split off into the two different colors. what about using fabric pieces and doing decoupage?? i dunno..just an idea!


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