Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feature: Blushing Dove Boutique

So I wanted to just share with you a really sweet Etsy store that I was glad to discover, via another blog. Not to mention that Amy, the owner of the store, is also really sweet!

If you have not had to opportunity lately to check out Etsy, or have not heard of this store just take a little peek.

My two youngest daughters are seriously into anything feathery! They almost died when I showed them her goods! 

How sweet and summery are these? What a cute little gift these would make for someone!

I honestly let out a little squeal when I saw these...I want them! Anyone want to buy them for me?

I would also love to own these, I love the little daises and the splash oh teal totally seals the deal for me!

I do not know if I want to wear this one or eat this one...but, yes please!

Anyone that can make wearable cupcakes is my hero! I bow before you, Amy! This ROCKS!

In case you are wondering about Amy, who she is, what she does, here is a bit of the 411 on her!

"My full name is Amy Sarah Lilley, I am twenty-two years old, and live in 
Newark-on-Trent with my hubby of almost a year and our naughty puppy."
"My aim is to create cute, quirky and fun jewelery and accessories that are still
ultra feminine and a bit classy too. I want the women who wear my designs 
to feel confident and creative, and to realize how beautiful they are!"
"My love of cute and girlie style has really motivated me to set up my
little shop, also my love of creating. My main inspiration was the thought 
that this was something I could really put 'myself' into. I feel that what I
do is very personal, and my Etsy shop reflects 'me'. I have a pink dove 
tattooed on my right foot. I got this a few years ago whilst in my 'arty' 
phase, and have lived to regret it since. When I was trying go think of a 
name for my shop, I decided to incorporate my own pink dove into my shop's
title, it is now a part if me and a direct result of that 'arty' side 
I've talked about. And so 'Blushing Dove' was born." 
See...I told you she is sweet! She has a great Facebook Page HERE  as well, 
so be sure and "like" her. There is info on new products, reviews, give 
a ways, and more!

Please understand I am not being compensated for this post, I was not given anything
for free to review or have, I simply think her products are adorable and wanted
to share a little luv for her with you. 
I totally support the handmade efforts of others.  


  1. Adorable stuff. I love the daisy earrings.

  2. These are so cute! I love the cupcakes and cones!

  3. Cute stuff! I also love the daisy earrings!

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