Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mother of all road trips, continued!

All I have to say is ... ARGH!!!

Ok so I am in North Carolina. And by in North Carolina I mean like... 3 steps over the border lol. It took all darn day to get from the Florida border to the NC border.

First we could not sleep last night so the girls and I were up from 3 to 5 am which led us to sleep in later, which led us to miss breakfast.

Then I loose my debit card, and have no cash on me after I buy gas and breakfast. Of course this leads me to have to cancel it as well as feel the intense need to have money on me so that we do not run out of gas! I tried to find a location for my bank but there are none of my bank locations for a state and a half. I even pulled up to a hotel and used their wireless to use my laptop and try to find a location! Nothing. So I call my loving hubby all frustrated and in need of a Xanax. No I am not kidding I actually have panic disorder and occasionally need to take them on top of other regular meds! So he agrees and money grams me some money, except it gets lost. After about 45 minutes of information shuffling just to find out the dyslexic ( I AM SERIOUS HERE PEOPLE!) clerk simply screwed up my reference number. Then I get lost trying to find my way out of the backwards little town I found myself in.

FINALLY we have money and can get back on the road after a LONG time. Now we are feeling happy, relieved, feeling better so what happens next... traffic jam. That last approx 30 minutes. After we clear the traffic jam find out that the whole thing was to watch some minor fender bender with people yelling at each other, we get into a ONE LANE construction zone which ended up being the longest 22 miles of my life.

My daughter then proceeds to grab her sisters perfume and spills perfume in the car. So I do the natural thing and open the windows to air it out. The only problem with that is that the car thermometer says 102 degrees so I close windows....closing a child's HEAD in the window in the process! Seriously, I did . Thank God she is ok and was not seriously injured but she was terrified and cried and I felt like the worst mom ever!

Then we finally give in and decide I can NOT take anymore of today so we are stopping ... except there is some major softball game and NO hotels for 47 miles with a vacancy! OMG, I could not make this crap up! We finally found a place and got to dinner at 9:00 PM.

My kids are exhausted, I need a shower, I think I left my favorite jeans in the other hotel and ....I am going to bed! lol Tomorrow is a new day, thank the Lord! Plus we will finally be in VA and I can not wait!!! :) YAY!

for now though .... *snore*


  1. Aww!God bless your heart. I've driven to Florida 3 times from Maryland (as a child)with my late grandparents and we had a similar fate one trip. Our camper broke down at the Florida line and were involved in a 20 (yes 20) car pileup in Georgia. I was a very worrisom child too. But I think your day trumps me!LOL! I hope it gets better you guys!

  2. OMG I am picturing this whole scene playing out and forgive me for laughing. I can just see this playing on the big screen billed as the summer's hottest hit. A must see for anyone planning a summer "Road Trip" I'm just trying to figure out who would play the parts.

  3. lol Angelina Jolie would play me, Ann....there is SUCH a resemblance lol I can laugh at it this morning and the girls are finishing up breakfast in the lobby then we are on our way home finally :) YAY!

    Thanks Ashley, hehe. Although I think a 20 car pile up beats us, and thankfully so! lol My goodness that would be awful!

  4. Sorry for that bad trip, with all the problems. The same thing happened to me. Only I was coming from California to Conn. Everyday was the same. Problem after problem.Finally when I reached Ohio the engine blew in the car. What a nightmare. Never again.

  5. oh my gosh, Grampy! lol

    I finally got here to VA about 2 hours ago. I am SO glad to be here :)

  6. Wow that sounds like a horror story!!! Glad you survived though :o) I dread going anywhere with my kids along, I guess this is why!!

    I am glad you ordered an apron, I haven't got mine yet :o( Hopefully today...guess that is what happens when you live in a little town three hours away from civilization!! ;o) Have a great day!!


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