Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the day!

Well, today is the day! The movers should be here at any minute!

I am really not sad to be leaving here. Even though I am a native Floridian I am definitely not sad to see the state disappear behind in the rear view mirror. I am looking forward to Virginia. I am looking forward to a new beginning. Sometimes in life I just feel like a new beginning is just what is called for. I really feel like this is one of those times, ya know? Just time to move on! It is a good thing.

My teenage daughter may disagree with me, though. She has a boyfriend for about 2 months now that she really liked and the thing is... he is actually a good kid, even I like him. Plus she will be transferring to a new school for her senior year. That has to hurt. It hurts me to know it hurts her as well. In the end I know she will be fine and mostly likely flourish and persevere as she always does, but in the meantime I will feel her pain.

We try so hard to be good parents, there is always something we try to do better than our parents did , blah blah blah... but in the end none of us are perfect. I hope that at the end of the day I can be proud of where I have taken my children in life (not literally, of course) and I hope they are as well.

For now...we are off! :) I am thinking we wont get to leave the state tonight though, so I probably won't get to Virginia until Saturday evening. We wish me luck on that long drive again! Lol Remember... no deaths, dismemberments, or people left at rest stops! hehe

**update.... I could not even post this this morning as our internet was gone hehe. We did get everything packed and out and we are on our way :) We decided to stop in Jacksonville tonight. I am just beat and need a good nights sleep. So we are relaxing in a nice comfy room!


  1. Best wishes to you Tanyia. It sounds like you are well prepared for this move--both physically and mentally. Yes, I agree starting a new school during your senior year can be tough, but hey, it will probably help your daughter with the transition of completing high school and going on to college/work in the long run. Be safe and happy traveling.

  2. Good luck on the trip to Virginia. While I wouldn't want to have to pack all my stuff up it would be nice to make a fresh start in a new town.

  3. Congratulations on your move and I hope your new home brings you nothing but wonderful experiences. Thank you so much for stopping by & once you get settled I look forward to checking out some of your prompt answers.

    btw I love the craft posts, I'm always looking for new projects.

  4. Wishing you a safe trip to your new home, and all things wonderful in Virginia. :-) Enjoy the adventure.


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