Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hybrid Ornament

Well, I did a couple more :) This time I was able to use a template from WendyBird Designs, available at Brownie Scraps.I am really loving working with her, her templates are easy to work with, and she has great step-by-step directions!

Here is a peek of her template... it just came out yesterday:
 image linked

And here is the cute little ornament I made with it using using ribbon and a couple of beads at the top:

In making the ornament I again used the Holiday Madness kit from Angel Hartline Designs:
image linked

I love this kit of Angel's! The colors are so ridiculously happy and cheerful!

Now I am off to do my day before Thanksgiving baking, like I do every year! I love it! I make all the pies and do as much of the prep work ahead of time as I can :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. that's a really cute ornament. Happy Thanksgiving sis. I think my dinner will probably have a slight paint taste to

  2. that is interesting. didn't know you could do ornaments too!


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