Monday, March 14, 2011

Edit Me, yes I did!

I am by no means a big photog nut like my amazing sister, however I do like to try and play with photos and bring out the best in them... especially facial close ups! Then even better if they are cute kids! Anyway, here is a new meme from Ashley plus three.

The button does not seem to be working for me so the link directly to the hop is

The original photo straight out of the camera (SOOC)

and my edit of the photo...
Thanks for looking, any if you have any cc feel free to share!


  1. I may be a big photog nut but I still can't get good pictures
    I love your edit, it looks awesome. Did you use an action on that or just adjust contrast and levels

  2. Very pretty edit. Nice color and softness you brought out.

  3. Ann, I used several actions actually and adjusted opacity and kept only certain parts of each action I liked until I combined a few to make some thing I thought looked better.

    Thanks, Angel :)

  4. Both pics look great! I really need to get software so I can start to edit my pics.

    New follower from the mom blog hop monday 8)
    Lovin Life

  5. Very pretty!! I learned how to do a few things by watching you tube videos. Same here, not a very good photographer and have a pretty basic camera.

  6. I like your edit, the softness and the color are just right!

  7. Really beautiful edit! Thanks so much for participating! OXO


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