Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging from A to Z: Attached

Hi guys! I had to pop on here and say hello at least!

My laptop died so I have nothing to get online with frequently, except (like now) when I make my daughter let me use her laptop! lol She does not have Photoshop though so I can not do any scrapbooking, photo editing, or uploading of normal stuff I would put on my blog. poop! Yea... I said poop! Deal with it, I have been traumatized.

So, to kick off April and my blogging A to Z commitment I am going with the word attached. I, apparently, and being forced to realize that I am overly attached to my laptop and photoshop!  I seriously pouted for awhile when the hubbs could not fix it right away.

I guess it is easier to become attached to things than I want to admit. This makes me feel like a schmuck. I was reading about all that the Japanese are going through, I read about an 11 pound neglected 4 yr old,  and I am pouting because of my laptop being out of commission for a few days.

So, yep...too attached. Need to let go a little and put things into the proper perspective. I am hoping this blogging A to Z challenge helps me do that a bit. It is not too late for you to join if you are interested, click the graphic and play along, almost 1k people are this year!

So, at least for April I will bring a little more of me back to my blog and keep it real. So... til next time, think about the things that maybe you are too attached to. What is your vice? Do you think you take it overboard at times? How can we balance things our better? Do we need to even?

Ok, ok off of my soap box ... for now.


  1. I had a Sirrius satellite in my car, but someone broke in and stole my receiver. I went a few weeks without replacing it and relized I could live without it. I like to listen to books on CD now. It's a better use of my commute.

  2. Ah, attachment, balance (well now, would "balance" do as tomorrow's word, I winded?)

    I'm not so good at balance, and have been known to get attached easily. A work in progress, that's the term, no?

    A great start to the A-Z challenge - and I hope your laptop recovers soon.

  3. I could live without my laptop so long as my desktop was in working
    I have many things that I am too attached to and I don't care. They're the things that make me happy so why on earth would I give them up :)

  4. i think we're all a bit too attached to our electronic devices..cell phones, laptops, netbooks, etc. what did we DO before we had all these things???


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