Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilting Adventures ...aka binding fail!

Happy Monday everyone! I had a few days of not posting... not for any particular reason I just really had nothing to share. I was in a funk! But, I think I am back, at least for now, lol.

So, I have found that I truly LOVE quilting. I love picking fabrics, I love picking patterns, I love chain piecing and laying it out, I love making the quilt top. I am even ok with the step most people hate, the basting, and then of course the quilting is kinda cool. BUT the binding, UGH! I confess I HATE BINDING. It may have something to do with the fact that I suck at it lol.

I have followed several tutorials, videos, You Tubes special posts, etc. Please... take a gander at what are now the ugliest pot holders in America!

First, I hate this fabric, so I used it because ya whatever, plus it is good binding practice, and I actually am down to one pot holder lol.

SEE??? Ugly, right? lol The top left was the first one I tried...AWFUL binding. I am sorry I am yelling so much, but I am really passionate about my hate for binding today! The bottom right was the second one, the bottom left the third... getting better. The top right was my last one, finished this morning. At least it is getting there finally. I am slightly proud of that one! lol

Close up of the binding... the one on top was the last one. What do you think? If you quilt do you have any tips for me? Please feel free to tell me what on earth I am doing wrong lol.

Here are a few close-ups of the quilting. So purdy :) Just basic, but I am loving it. 

Thanks for looking! please feel free to give me advice or console me or even be my cheerleader lol. I am about to start the quilting on that brown baby blanket, which means binding it is not far behind, ugh!

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  1. Well, I think they turned out cute. The binding part takes a lot of practice I'm sure. I always have a problem because I can never get the back to match the front. If I have it in on the edge on one side, then it's way off on the back side. I haven't quite figured out how to make sure both sides are where they're supposed to be. Yours are cute! Have a happy Monday!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Happy Monday to you, too :)

    I have been attaching mine to the back first, then wrapping around and sewing down the front because I refuse to hand sew lol. I am just lazy like that!

  3. Right there with you. My hemming bunches up like that.

  4. since you have so many blog pals to console you, give you advice or be your cheerleader and since we are after all sisters, I feel it is my duty to take this opportunity to laugh at you so
    ok that was mean but I couldn't help it. Hey at least you are getting better instead of worse.

  5. Celia, thanks for the consolation hehe

    Ann, you big brat! rofl! It is ok... it is ridiculous looking, is it not? lol

  6. U know I have JUST posted my potholders I made for a Pay It Forward gift and the binding is TRICKY. All those layers and the Insul-Brite do not make it easy. I have made 2 sets in the past as well and they are stubborn. More practice ahead though, right?! The beauty is in the block design and quilting right?! That's what keeps me smiling:) Hope this helps you and go check out mine too for some sympathy and please leave me a comment on my blog ( a lot of people email me instead which is fine, but I need some blog love too ya know-lol!) Have a great day!

  7. They are very nice, I like the fabrics you used!

  8. I really hated binding for my first quilt - I too tried to sew it all on by machine and it looks seriously awful. Then I started paying close attention on all the quilt blogs and realised that even the pros attach the binding to the back by hand. So I tried it first on a table runner, and found that actually, I really enjoy it! I can sit in front of the telly for a few evenings and sew it on, and then it all looks perfect, like magic! So, that's something to consider :)
    I have a binding tutorial, too - Click here to take a look!
    Thanks for linking up, and I can't wait to see what else you've been up to!

  9. love the close-ups of the quilting. i don't envy you and the binding. but you are definitely getting better.


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