Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Hybrid Card Templates Today!

Well, I have not shared any of my hybrid crafts in a little while. The hybrid bug had taken a few weeks off while I was bit by the sewing bug! lol Anyway, I made some card with Wendy's new templates that are being released today. Take a peek! I love how they turned out!

*image linked*

Super Cute right? For anyone that is new to my blog since I last posted about hybrid ... Hybrid  is using digital scrapbooking supplies to make physical products and crafts. So I use a digital scrapbooking kit, print out the pieces and assemble. Thankfully, since it is all digital supplies not only is there no mess, but I can also re-use the scrapbooking supplies as many times as I please which saves a lot of money!

Anyway, happy Tuesday!!!



  1. and all that money you save on scrapbooking supplies you can spend on fabric :)
    Those are really cute. You are just so multi talented. What bug is going to bite you next?

  2. nice thank you cards! i like the middle one the most i think. :)

  3. Cool collections..really so cute! Thanks for share!

    Card Templates


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