Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sort of Out of Sorts

Yep, that is me... sort of out of sorts. My dh has been off all week, the kids are home all day, and my laptop screen broke. So everything I normally do in a daily routine has been turned upside down this week, and I am struggling to find a way to do the things I want to do that is going to work and fit in with all of those things lol.

Today I am working on the Quilt a long quilt. I love the way I layed out the pattern. The girls and I got down on the floor and played with it til we found something that I just love. Now, the only problem is that when I sew it together the seams are NOT matching and just about every square is off. GRrrrr. However, I am not going to overly analyze it this time. I am going to go with it and then see how I can improve upon it the next time I do HST's. That always seems to work best for me. I guess I learn more if I can see how a little wrong will affect the entire project as I keep going along, teaching me how to correct those things. Does that make sense?

In between that I am working on cutting my 9patch squares into disappearing ones and I am loving the way the pattern plays when you cut and mix them all up! My girls think I am nuts for cutting them and re-sewing lol. They are amusing.

I have a really yummy and different cake I made that I will share with you later this week, as well as two Fourth of July crafts I did that are super cute! I think you will love them, but I used a digi kit and it is not being released until Friday so I can not show you just yet! bwahahaha!

Ok, so pictures next time! Oh geez...and my youngest baby is turning 10 on Friday! Seriously...double digits! No more single digit kids *sigh* Bittersweet, that is.

What has everyone been up to? Let mw know what you are doing or working on! I can not wait to hear!



  1. Okay, so other than the quilt, and the yummy sounding cake, and your baby turning 10, I'm having the same week!
    Hubster is off work, and oh my gosh, doesn't it just throw everything out the window! I'm not complaining, its lovely to have him around, but it's so weird, I'm trying to do the house work and he keeps telling me to sit down, think he's forgot that this is what I do everyday when he's at work!

    We are actually having a great week the trampoline we ordered came today, and the kids just love it, yay!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh yikes. everyone home disrupting your routine. I am soooooo sorry :)

  3. I feel your pain. I went without my home computer for a week. I was in such a bad mood.

  4. haha. we're both home here too. i miss the solitude!


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