Friday, September 2, 2011

What happened to Tues - Thurs?

Seriously, I swore I just posted here yesterday. Today is Friday already! What on earth happened to the rest of this week...I am not sure where it went! This week has been a blur and I am SO glad that Rebecca goes back to school next Tues. I need to be up early everyday and have my routine back or I can never get anything done! sheesh!

This week we have had a cold, a case of bronchitis, carpet being torn up due to mold after the hurricane, the disposal repairman, getting the new house ready and everything turned on, two walk throughs of the new house, the dog got a cold, piano lessons, three doctors appointments, sleeping in the living room cause the dog peed on a kids bed... then we fixed it and she did it again, open house for 5th grade. Just...ugh! ENOUGH! I am ready to move, settle down, and return my life to some semblance of normalcy at this point.

Here are some scrapbook layouts to share, at least something has remained constant. Scrapbooking is the only way I have to just relax and let go and I love it :)

My baby Becca bear. Image linked for credits. 

My hubby and I. :) I wish I had more pics with him.  <3 Image also linked.

My eldest.

That is about it for now! I need a fall vacation from my summer vacation! lol



  1. I thought craziness was

  2. OH MY you truly have had a ruff wonder some of the days slipped by without notice. Thinking of you as you get settled in the new place.

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  3. love the LO of you and the hubs. the colors in the Becca LO are super cool too!


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