Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Hybrid Vase

This is a really cute and quick Halloween idea. I needed a little something more on my counter in the kitchen with a couple other little things I had ready for Halloween. All I did was take a really cute Halloween kit, from Amy Stoffel at 9th&Bloom, and measured the size around my vase and how wide I wanted it and simply made a cute little layout to then adhere to the vase. It turned out really cute.

Here is the kit I used, image linked:

and the finished project... the inside is filled with the colored paper "grass" they sell at every craft store on every holiday...aka shredded paper lol

Anyone can do this in just a matter of minutes! :) happy Thursday, btw!! I have a few more hybrids to share coming up, a Halloween wreath, and some new recipes finally as well! :)



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