Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wow, it's Wednesday!

I was starting this blog post by posting that is was Monday! lol Ooopsy! 

I just wanted to share some happy scrapping news! This month I have been SO lucky to guest for Little Green Frog Designs. I really wish my guest gig would never end frankly, I am considering bribing Andrea to get to stay on the team some how! Seriously, her templates are absolutely amazing! 

So I just wanted to show you some of them today and the amazing LOs I have created with them! I will share with you two template packs I used first and the four layouts I made from them, I am SO in love! 

This first template pack is called, Turkish Delight. Image linked so you can grab it if you like, at Funky Playground! 

This LO is of Rebecca, being a silly free spirit. I love when kids are like that! Image linked for full credits as well.

This other one is Sam and Rebecca being loving. I am really enjoying the fact that these moments happen more and more often as they get older. Image linked for full credits! 

Now, for the second template pack! I am absolutely, completely in love with this pack and these two layouts I did are by far my favorite and best EVER! Seriously. All images linked again. 

My Becca bear, and one of her favorite songs for me to sing to her. 

And my Kay Kay. I just think these are stunning photos of her and the colors in this kit, mixed with the amazing composition of the template is so perfect *sigh*

Ok, well, that is all for today :) I hope everyone has a happy hump day! I just can not believe how fast this week is going, wow!


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