Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thankful, Days 16 an 17, and a few wish lists!

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I can not wait for Saturday to come so I can sleep in a bit...getting up at 5:30 is catching up with me. I guess I will get used to it evetually, I know my poor sister's wakes up way early and she seems to manage somehow! whew!

Day 16, Yesterday I was thankful for Xanax. lol. ounds terrible right? but hoenstly, I started having a panic attack in the middle of the grocery store yes and if it were not for the Xanax I probably would have made a blubbering fool of myself, good grief. Thankfully it works fast, too!

Day 17  Today I am thankful for Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino from WaWa, it is absolutely yummy and delicious and it pumps the caffeine and sugar into me til I am  awake enough to drive straight lol.

Next I just wanted to share the girls Christmas WishLists. There are lots of credits here so I will link each page, feel free to click the layout and check it out in my gallery for full credits including: Nettio, Traci Reed, Shawna Clingerman, Penny Springman, and more! I warned ya! lol is what Kayla wants for Christmas this year:

and what Samantha wants:

and what Rebecca wants:

The only thing I wish was that I had discovered this concept earlier so I could have been scrapping them throughout the years. I will try to keep this in mind and do it again next year though :) I love how they turned out!

As for the rest of this holidays...I think I am giving in and decorating this weekend, I just do not know if I can take another week of waiting, I am SO ready!


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  1. I had to laugh when u put thankful for xanax...But at the same time..I felt like I wasn't alone..Since I had my Ruptured brain aneurism I have not been able to go to the grocery store much at all..When I have to think and concentrate I get attacks..So I so understand my friend.


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