Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Thankful, Days 18 and 19

Well, on day 18 I was oh so thankful for my new Kindle Fire!!!!!! and !!!!!!!! and !!!!!! This is most definitely the most awesome little toy I have ever owned! Seriously...EVER ty my amazing dh for buying it for me the second it was released for pre-orders. I am LOVING it!

Today my 19th day of Thankfulness I am super grateful for the new couch that dh went out and bought at Ikea today ;) even though it is slippery when I wear fleece jammies and I slide down and off it lol, it was too funny!

Ya know, being forced to look and be thankful every single day has made me wonder ... am I always this wonderfully blessed and just do not stop and notice it like I should, or has this been one exceptional month for me? I really need to take stock more often I think and appreciate what I have!


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