Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankful.... or so I thought!

I should have known that I am too forget to keep logging in every day to be thankful! sheesh! Let's see what I can remember .... I have missed 3 days, tho!

Day 5... I was thankful that Day 5 was National Digi Scrapbook day and that my family totally supported this. they cooked and cleaned and let me play all day to contests, games, and crops! It was SO much fun!

Day 6... I was thankful my eldest dd is such a great kid and loves to come grocery shopping with me...and then she carries it all in, cause that crap is heavy, man!

Day 7... I was thankful for Claritin, cause my youngest shared a hella nasty cold with me! ugh!

Day 8 ... Thankful for voting day cause youngest got a day off of school :) I love having her around! Plus eldest went to fill out new hire paper work and was so happy!

Day 9...  I was great y head did not explode this day and great ful more than anything for my hot Earl Gray tea... bad, bad cold day!

Day 10... today... I am thankful that I got caught up with the dishes! Our dishwasher is broken and trying to keep up has been kicking my ass! :(


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