Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Quilting "not so secret" Secret

Ok, I briefly mentioned once before that I found a new binding tutorial that made binding a breeze for me. I do not mind it at all anymore, and it really looks good when it is finished as well! I am really so happy with it and so glad I found this tutorial!

I am going to link you up to the tut and hopefully it can help you as well!

It is called the Cheater quilt bind-off tutorial by and can be found HERE!

Basically you are binding the quilt with the backing. It honestly just comes together so much easier, and I am in love and so grateful that there are people out there with awesome tutorials like this to help people like me that are trying to learn and grown in their skills! Ty so much, Rae!

I used it for the first time on this quilt that I shared previously. I am sorry there is no close up of the binding but you can see from here that there is no problem it is nice and even... I am just so so happy and feel much more confident about making things for people now! Ty again, Rae!


  1. New follower from That Friday Blog Hop. LOVE your blog name!!!

  2. Hi! New follower from the weekend blog hop. Hope you can stop by.
    Julie from Stlavonlady - a cat, girl, man and me!

    I love the colors in the quilt. Beautiful. I have tried knitting before buth nothing like this. The end result might not be good.

  3. I am a new follower from the blog hop and WOW that is a beautiful quilt great job!
    I would love to learn a new craft.

  4. I'll have to pin the tutorial to my "someday I'll learn to quilt" board


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